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H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Inaugurates 'Recovered Treasures' Exhibition

16 November 2015

Recovered Tresures Opening

On the 5 November 2015 H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani opened the 'Recovered Treasures from the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum Collection' Exhibition to an audience of 150 diplomatic and VIP guests.  The exhibition, developed in partnership with UCL Qatar and the Sheikh Faisal Museum, aims to raise awareness of the importance of conservation of cultural heritage in Qatar through showcasing the conservation work undertaken by UCL Qatar's MSc Conservation Studies students on artefacts from Sheikh Faisal's collection.

Recovered Treasures MSc Conservation Studies students

The exhibition was organised and curated by 2014-2016 MSc Conservation Studies students: Oluseyi Agbelusi, Claire d'Izarny-Gargas, Wafa Suwaileh, Kelley Lowe, Arianne Panton, Narae Kim, Jacqueline Riddle and Sufiyan Hanafi. Speaking about the aims of the exhibition before the launch, Narae Kim stated 'our exhibition intends to introduce conservation to the public, particularly focusing on objects conservation. The exhibition area is designed to show the general procedures of our conservation practices including historical context and material techniques research, test analysis and treatment. I hope that visitors will enjoy the interesting stories behind the objects displayed in the exhibition area and become more familiar with the concept of conservation through the interactive conservation laboratory and the 'Ultra Violet Light Room' where people can experience conservation practices.'

This collaborative exhibition project is an initiative highlighting the museum's objective to allow its collection to be available to researchers and students, with a view of the museum becoming an education and research resource.

Recovered Treasures display

Following the successful launch of the exhibition Jacqueline Riddle commented 'I am really pleased with the outcome of the exhibition. Personally, I learned what it takes to manage a project effectively. It was an opportunity to share with the public what conservation is and why we care about it. We had some great feedback from the visitors during the exhibition launch, and we were all treated to the wonderful hospitality of H.E. Sheikh Faisal.'

The exhibition, displayed in the newly refurbished temporary exhibition gallery at the museum, will be open to the general public until 31 December 2015.