UCL Qatar


UCL hosts conference on cleaning of cultural heritage objects

12 May 2013


A two-day conference, Global perspectives on the cleaning of cultural heritage objects, kicks off at UCL Qatar on 13 May. Spearheaded by Dr Stavroula Golfomitsou, Lecturer in Conservation Studies at UCL Qatar, the conference brings together leading conservation experts to discuss key issues and challenges surrounding the cleaning of cultural heritage objects and monuments.

The conference is a forerunner to a project managed by Dr Golfomitsou looking in depth at the cleaning of cultural heritage objects. Cleaning represents a major activity for conservators and is conducted on practically every type of cultural property. Whilst the impact of a cleaning treatment can vary widely, it is always an irreversible intervention.  The aim of this project is to perform a holistic assessment of cleaning processes of material heritage from multiple object classes, creating opportunities for inter-disciplinary reflection and learning across the broad field of conservation, and from one cultural context to another.

The cleaning project has a number of known and respected professionals committed to it. The conference will see experts discuss the specific tasks and the working methodology with the aim of consolidating a core group which will commit to specific tasks that will lead to individual publications.

The first day is dedicated to brainstorming on specific issues related to cleaning of cultural heritage objects and monuments. The second day will be used to define the specific aims and scope of the project and to the project design.

Finally, the project will examine a range of issues relating to conservation cleaning including ethical, philosophical, scientific and practical concerns. The professionals involved are:

Mr Dean Sully, Lecturer in Conservation, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Prof Adrian Heritage, Professor of Wall Paintings Conservation, Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Mrs Katy Lithgow, Head Conservator, National Trust

Mr Aristotelis Sakellariou, Acting Head of Conservation, Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

Prof Stefan Michalski, Conservation Scientist

Dr Stavroula Golfomitsou, Lecturer in Conservation Studies, UCL Qatar.