UCL Qatar


Visas and Immigration


Following the acceptance of your offer we will begin to apply for your residency visa. Students are not permitted to transfer their sponsorship in order to obtain a student visa. Instead all students must initially enter Qatar and present a visa letter upon arrival at Hamad International Airport (this letter will be sent to you by UCL in advance of your arrival and you can expect to be contacted by UCL Qatar to request a copy of your passport in order for us to produce your visa letter). Having a copy of the visa letter will be sufficient for you to enter Qatar. You are not required to visit your local embassy in advance.

The second stage of obtaining your student residency visa happens after you have enrolled at UCL Qatar. The process is simple, but may take some time. For this reason, please avoid making travel arrangements in the initial period following your arrival to Qatar (allow at least 8 weeks) as this can influence delays in processing. If you do need to travel urgently, while your residence permit is being processed, please inform us.

Medical Test

In order to obtain your visa you will be required to undergo a medical check-up, which consists of a chest x-ray and blood test. This is compulsory for all Qatar residency permit applications. Trips for medical testing will be organised in groups and you will be informed by Student Services of the time, date and pick-up location for this trip. Once at the clinic male and female students will be split into separate groups. For the purpose of the x-ray, you will be required to remove clothing from the waist up and change into a hospital gown. For anyone not wishing to change into a gown you can wear a plain white T-shirt which you should bring with you on the day. You will then have an x-ray of your chest and your blood taken. All students must also show a negative result for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Tuberculosis.

We strongly recommend that you bring documentation in English showing your blood group as this will speed up the visa process. If you do not know your blood group, it will be possible to obtain this information in Qatar as part of the medical process.

Fingerprinting and Eye Scan

After the medical checkup, the next step will be the electronic fingerprinting and eye scanning. Trips for fingerprinting and eye scanning take place in the Student Centre.

Visitors and Dependents

Qatar student visas do not permit you to bring dependents into Qatar to live with you. Your family and friends may be able to enter Qatar on a tourist visa, provided that they meet Qatari immigration requirements. There are a number of nationalities who can purchase this visa upon arrival.

For nationalities not listed as able to purchase this visa upon arrival, please contact the Qatar Embassy in or nearest to your country of origin to apply in advance of travel.

Exit Permits

Once you are in receipt of your student visa, you must apply for an exit visa each time you wish to travel outside of Qatar. The process will take up to five working days from the day you submit the request. Once received, the visa will be valid for one week from the date of issue as stated on the exit visa. The exit visa form can be downloaded via the Student Services Moodle Page under the Immigration tab and should be submitted to the Student Services Office as soon as possible before your intended date of travel.