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UCL Qatar has been established in partnership with Qatar Foundation (QF) and Qatar Museums, positioning Qatar as the centre of excellence in museum practice and library studies in the region. The UCL Qatar campus builds upon UCL's renowned strengths in Archaeology, Conservation, Librarianship and Museum studies.

Students outside the Museum of Islamic Art

UCL Qatar undertakes research, graduate-level teaching, continuing professional development for museum professionals, and public outreach in Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies and Librarianship, with a particular focus on the Arab and Islamic World. In Qatar, the department forms part of QF's Education City initiative on the western outskirts of Doha and works in partnership with the more recently established Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU). UCL Qatar offers two taught Master's degree programmes:

We provide a large number of specialist training courses for staff and mid-career cultural-heritage professionals from Qatar Museums and other organisations across the region.

UCL staff and students have a presence at local museums, archaeological sites and conservation facilities. This approach ensures that our activities take place in the parts of Qatar's developing cultural resources where they can best serve the needs of heritage professionals, researchers and students.

UCL Qatar Outreach Activities

UCL Qatar runs an extensive outreach programme throughout the academic year, bringing heritage to sections of the community such as school children and hospital patients. UCL Qatar students are actively encouraged to participate in these initiatives.

Pulic Lecture Series

The UCL Qatar Public Lecture Series, delivering monthly public lectures that are open to all, is a means of engaging the general public in issues of concern related to cultural heritage in Qatar and the wider region.

UCL Qatar is located in Education City, Doha. Education City is an initiative of Qatar Foundation and houses educational facilities from school age to research level, with campuses of some of the world's leading universities present, including Virginia Commonwealth University, Texas A&M University, Weill Cornell Medical College, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, HEC Paris and Hamad bin Khalifa University. We are proud to be the first British university to open a campus in Qatar.

Education City

Achieve at Education City

Georgetown Building

UCL shares a building with Georgetown University and is located on the second floor. The building is large and modern with ample space for private study or socialising. Numerous areas of the ground floor are shared space for UCL and Georgetown students and staff, including the cafeteria and atrium. In addition, the student common room on the first floor is for the use of both UCL and Georgetown students, and contains a sofa area and pool table.

The Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Student Centre

Games Room

The Student Centre is located a short walking distance from the Georgetown building. The Student Centre is the perfect place to meet fellow students from other universities within Education City. It also serves as a space to relax, play sport, hold meetings, dine, watch a film or bowl. For further information please visit: http://www.hbku.edu.qa/

Dining on campus

Student Centre Food Court

Education City has many dining options. The Georgetown cafeteria and the HBKU Student Centre alone have a number of cafeterias, coffee shops and restaurants, offering a wide range of cuisines. Cafeterias in other university buildings are also available, as well as in the Residence Halls. On average a meal will cost between 15 - 26 Qatari Riyals.

Societies and sporting facilities

UCL Qatar Football Team

In addition to the facilities at the Student Centre, the Recreation Centre hosts an Olympic-size swimming pool, gymnasium and badminton facilities. Tennis courts and numerous football pitches are located around Education City. There is also a vibrant network of student societies across Education City which UCL students will have the opportunity to join.

Student Accommodation

HBKU Student Accommodation

State of the art graduate accommodation is available for all incoming international students who require it. Full-time students under QF sponsorship will be provided with housing in a shared, two bed, HBKU dormitory. Part-time students will be expected to pay 50% of their housing costs.

The Education City Student Residences are set across two sites, within walking distance of the Georgetown Building and with frequent free shuttle buses.

Education City Student Halls

All rooms include bed linen, flat screen televisions with satellite channels and Wi-Fi internet access. The Student Residences contain cafeterias which offer a range of meals at subsidised rates. The accommodation is segregated by gender.

A comprehensive booklet on accommodation and guidance on how to apply is distributed to incoming students, normally in July prior to the start of the academic year. For further details about on-campus accommodation please visit HBKU Student Housing.


Shuttle buses run regularly around the Education City campus, stopping at the Georgetown Building, Student Residences, Student Centre and Recreation Centre. The shuttle buses do not run on a set timetable but are frequent (normally every 10 - 15 minutes). Shuttle buses normally stop outside the main entrance to each building. The turquoise Karwa taxis are the most common form of public transport outside of Education City. All operate on a meter system. Taxis may be booked in advance, hailed on the streets or taken from one of the many taxi ranks outside of shopping malls and in other central locations. A one-way journey anywhere within Doha normally costs in the region of QAR 40 - 50. You can reduce your costs if you share rides.

Driving Licence

New residents can drive for one week (7 days from arrival) on approved licences from some countries. You will need to check with the Traffic Department at Madinat Khalifa to see if the licence of your home country is valid. If you wish to drive for longer than a week you can apply for a Temporary Licence which is valid for 3 months. It is possible to extend the licence when it expires.

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