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Tuition Fees

Library and Information Studies Class

The following information applies to students who are paying full or partial tuition fees; either self-funded or through employer or government sponsorship. The deadlines and fee payment penalties detailed in this section do not apply to students who are in receipt of full scholarships from UCL Qatar.

UCL Qatar's annual tuition fee covers registration, all elements of course, examinations, student funding opportunities and reasonable costs associated with student placements. Invoices for tuition fees are provided to students within the first week of each term in which students are enrolled. All students are expected to submit the financial undertaking form during induction week. The financial undertaking form is a declaration by the student on assuming full responsibility for tuition fees and states the method of fee settlement - either self-funding, scholarship or organisational sponsorship.

The following tuition fees apply to students joining UCL Qatar in the 2019/20 academic year:

  • Full-time: 99,900 Qatari Riyals
Tuition Fee Payment

Students on full-time one-year programmes may choose between the following
payment options:

  • Full tuition fees paid at the beginning of the academic year (deadline 3 October 2019)
  • 50% of tuition fees paid at the beginning of the academic year (deadline 3 October 2019) and 50% payable at the start of the second term (9 January 2020).

Please contact UCL Qatar Student Finance for further information on
payment plans: finance.qatar@ucl.ac.uk.

How to Pay

Students must pay by bank transfer.

All payments must be made in Qatari Riyals. Bank transfer information can be
obtained from UCL Qatar Student Finance: finance.qatar@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Qatar is unable to accept payment by credit card or by cheque.

Sponsored Students

(E.G. Supreme Education Council, Qatar Museums and Qatar National Library)

Students sponsored by employers such as Qatar Museums and Qatar National
Library, or government ministries, are expected to provide a financial guarantee letter from their sponsor on or before 27 September 2018 in the year they are enrolling. The letter should state that your employer intends to fund the full tuition fee for the duration of your programme of study at UCL.

If a student does not provide this letter they will be personally responsible for tuition
payments until the sponsorship letter can be produced.

Late Payment

Students enrolling at the start of an academic year, who fail to pay either the full tuition fees or first instalment by the end of the first week of the first term (3 October 2019) will be Time Limited Enrolled until 17 October 2019. If the fees are not paid within this period all appropriate sanctions will be applied to the student. If a student defaults on any instalment deadline, the student is provided a one week grace period to settle the payment.

Students are required to settle their fee account promptly. If a student is unable to pay they must consult the Student and Academic Services Team at the earliest opportunity. Extensions or revised payment plans may be granted in exceptional circumstances. If a student fails to pay without having been granted an extension, the student is liable to have sanctions applied to deny access to specific services and facilities. Continued non-payment may result in the suspension of their UCL registration resulting in exclusion from attending classes and using all UCL facilities. Student visas may also be liable to cancellation. Reinstatement after suspension is not normally permitted during the session in which a student is suspended.

Withdrawal Policy

Students will have a one week grace period from the payment due date within which, if they are to withdraw from their studies at UCL, they would not incur a fee. Any student with an official withdrawal or interruption date after 6 October 2019 within the first term will be charged 25% of the full course fee due. Students withdrawing or interrupting after the start of the second term, 5 January 2020, will be charged 50% of the full course tuition fee. Students withdrawing or interrupting after 31 March 2020 will be charged 100% of the course fees. Financial penalties for withdrawing do not apply to students who are in receipt of full-scholarships from UCL Qatar.

Students withdrawing who are under sponsorship and visa status of Qatar Foundation will lose their student status and their residency permit will be cancelled with immediate effect. Confirmation of a student's withdrawal will also warrant immediate vacation from student accommodation.