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Print Collections

Print Collections

This section contains information about each of the UCL Qatar Library print collections that are available to UCL Qatar students, staff and visitors, such as books, journals and special collections, as well as instructions about how to search for and locate these items in the Library using the Georgetown University in Qatar online library catalogue.

How to Find Print Collections

Information about UCL Qatar Library's print collections can be found on the Georgetown University in Qatar Library Catalogue, to which UCL Qatar Library also has shared access.

Basic and Advanced Search options are both available via the Catalogue and either can be used to find UCL Qatar Library holdings.  The Advanced Search function allows for greater flexibility when searching for items and is recommended if you are looking to restrict your search to a very specific or a more manageable set of results.

When carrying out a search for items look for search results marked with the location code prefix UCLQ as these are UCL Qatar Library items.  All UCL Qatar Library items are located in UCL Qatar Library, on the second floor of Georgetown University in Qatar Library.

Please contact a member of library staff if you require any assistance using the Library Catalogue.


UCL Qatar Library holds a large collection of print books with expansive subject collections available in Islamic Archaeology and Archaeology of the Arab World (Middle East and North Africa), Archaeological Materials Science and Islamic Material Culture, Museum and Gallery Practice, Conservation Studies, and Library and Information Studies.

New books are added to the collection regularly and there is a monthly list of new titles (Word - docx) with a selection displayed on our New Books shelf in the Library.

Details for all print books are indicated on the Georgetown University in Qatar Library Catalogue, to which UCL Qatar Library also has shared access.  UCL Qatar Library book holdings are marked in the catalogue search results with the location codes UCLQ Stacks, or UCLQ Short Loan. The Call Number that is listed on the catalogue for each book denotes the shelf location of the item in the Library. The Call Numbers used by UCL Qatar Library follow the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.

UCLQ Stacks items refers to the main library book collection (located on the run of shelves adjacent to the study rooms).  Books marked UCLQ Stacks are available to borrow for normal loan periods, unless otherwise indicated.  See Access and Borrowing page for details of loan periods.

To help broaden access to resources in a way that is fair for all users, books that are in heaviest demand are kept in the Short Loan Collection area (on the shelves directly opposite the lift) and these are marked on the catalogue as UCLQ Short Loan.

A number of books are available to consult on a reference basis, e.g. travel guides, dictionaries, encyclopaedias.  These are all located together on separate shelving in front of the library offices (to the right at the top of the stairs). They are marked REF on the spine of the book and shown as LIB USE ONLY on the catalogue.


The vast majority of journals are now available in electronic format and can be accessed directly from the UCL Library website.  See E-Journals page for more details about electronic journals.

However, UCL Qatar Library also holds a number of print format journals, which can be accessed directly from the Library.  These titles can be searched for in the Library Catalogue, and are marked with the location code UCLQ Periodicals.

Details about issues held for each journal title is provided in the Call Number field.  The frequency of each journal title, e.g. monthly, is provided in the Description field below the title and call number details.

With the exception of offprints and photocopies, journal and newspaper articles are not listed individually on the Library Catalogue.

Please note that all periodicals are available on a reference only basis and cannot be borrowed from the Library.

Special Collections

UCL Qatar Library holds a small but growing collection of special collection items.  These include rare publications, maps, archaeological plans, and photographs.

Many of these items are still in the process of being listed and catalogued so if you would like further details about these items then please speak to a member of library staff.

Please note that Special Collections items are available to consult on a reference only basis and cannot be borrowed from the Library. 

Due to the fragility or unique nature of many of the items photocopying is also not permitted, although use of a digital camera may be permitted.  Please speak to a member of library staff for further details.