UCL Qatar


UCL Qatar Mission Vision Goals and Values

Mission Statement

UCL Qatar creates the best environment for advanced research and learning excellence in the cultural heritage sector, to support Qatar's National Vision and UCL 2034.


By inspiring students and staff through shared values, UCL Qatar will continue its work to create a lasting legacy of world-leading research and teaching excellence, built on a network of alumni who will enhance the standing of Qatar and UCL in the region and beyond, and become a long-term strategic partner with Qatar Foundation and other national stakeholders.


  • Maximise the impact of our teaching and research
  • Provide the best learning experience to our students
  • Promote and enhance strategic partnering with our key stakeholders
  • Increase our student intake and those successfully graduating
  • Deliver fit-for-purpose capacity in teaching, research and professional services
  • Further celebrate the achievements of our students, staff and alumni
  • Promote community engagement to explain our research-based teaching, as a compelling narrative
  • Lead, develop and retain UCL Qatar staff to optimise their career opportunities
  • Develop our network of professional leaders and alumni to support the aspirations of Qatar foundation and UCL


  • Working as a team
  • Trusting each other
  • Acting with integrity
  • Collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Living our commitment to fairness and equality
  • Being transparent in our actions and open in our communications
  • Showing respect for each other
  • Displaying professionalism and objective behaviours
  • Working with enthusiasm, flexibility and commitment
  • Pursuing excellence