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Meet our students

Hear from our students, past and present, about their experience of Q-Step

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Perrine Machuel

Perrine Machuel

"In a world where governance (and so much more!) is increasingly advised by data insights, being ‘data literate’ is an incredible strength."

Ananya Samuel

Ananya Samuel

"With UCL being such a big university, Q-Step was a great way to interact with people beyond the Geography Department."


Modaser Anwary

"The nuanced appreciation for quantitative analysis which I developed on the Q-Step programme was a major influence on my post-university career choices."

Joe Walter

Joe Walter

"Constant exposure to the use of analysis in uncovering hidden relationships within data provided me with a more holistic understanding of social phenomena."

Ysabelle Yebeen Boo

Yebeen Ysabelle Boo

"[One highlight of Q-Step] was learning how to conduct a geo-spatial analysis. This has proven to be extremely useful in my work since, as it is a great tool for describing diversity within a region."