UCL Public Policy


What We Can Do For You

UCL Public Policy seeks to engage on topics that are of relevance to policy professionals where UCL research can illuminate policy problems.

UCL Public Policy:

  • Acts as a point of contact for external policymakers who wish to consult UCL expertise
  • Convenes roundtable meetings which bring together researchers and policymakers to discuss topical issues, facilitating dialogue and networking 
  • Provides accessible high-level research summaries for policymakers, based on key UCL research activities
  • Explains UCL research on platforms specifically for policymakers, such as our series of podcasts
  • Runs world-leading training and learning opportunities in the field of Public Policy, from professional development courses up to PhD level.

UCL supports a rare breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise, drawn from world-leading research, to address complex policy challenges. UCL Public Policy works with UCL Grand Challenges to support cross-disciplinary work at UCL to deliver greater impact and enhanced benefit for society.

Throughout all of this we remain non-partisan and independent, and seek to inform policy development rather than necessarily advocate specific policies. You can see examples of UCL research that has influenced high-level policymaking here.