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What can Governments do to improve national education systems?

28 November 2012, 6pm

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Keynote speaker: Professor Charles Clarke, Visiting Professor, UCL Economics

Ensuring a high-quality national education system, from primary education through to the tertiary level, remains an enduring priority for governments. However, there remains much contention about the best way to improve education and the role of Government in doing so.

This event will explore how Governments can act to improve national education systems, including the purpose of a national education system; the impact of recent and current policies; the options available to governments; and how an integrated, fit-for-purpose national system can be maintained. It will seek to draw out some of the key implications for future public policy and to consider some potential policy solutions.

The event will be chaired by Professor David Price, Chair of Governors, UCL Academy

UCL Roberts Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre

Followed by a drinks reception in the South Junction, UCL