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UCL Public Policy Funding Opportunities

Rapid Response Policy Advisory Scheme (EPSRC IAA)

The scheme awards expert engagement grants to enable the development/delivery of urgent short-term policy work in response to policy demand. Up to £10,000 is available throughout the year to UCL researchers from all subject disciplines.

Funding available: up to £10,000

Funding call: Open call with a rolling deadline

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Policy Dialogues Funding (EPSRC IAA)

UCL Public Policy is offering funding and support for EPSRC projects to organise and deliver 'Policy Dialogues': knowledge transfer activities and events designed to foster engagement between research and policy.  A Policy Dialogue can be a meeting/series of meetings to allow for academics, policy makers, and policy practitioners to come together to discuss current priorities and proposals for future work. These activities are meant to be multidisciplinary, wider than the UCL community, and are not just meant for knowledge transfer but to build communities to share best practice, and built on a current policy need and support by a policy partner.

Funding available: up to £5,000

Funding call: Open call with a rolling deadline

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Small Grants Scheme

UCL Public Policy runs a small grants scheme to support work by the UCL community to enhance policy engagement and impact.

The Expert Engagement Small Grants 2019/20 funding call is now closed.

Funding available: up to £4,000

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Policy Engagement and Impact Fellowship 

The Policy Engagement and Impact Fellowship is a learning opportunity for early career researchers. It will combine in-depth training, hands-on experience and tailored partnerships to help develop impactful policy engagement. Participants will be supported to identify stakeholders and work with them to co-produce a targeted policy output. The Fellowship Programme is open to early career researchers (broadly defined as someone within the first seven years of their research activity, or PhD students and post-docs) or those at a similar academic stage from any UCL Faculty or Department.

Funding available: four awards of up to £2,000 

This funding call has now closed for 2020/21

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Previous awards

Fiind out more about previous Public Policy small grants awarded, including the amount funded and details of what the researchers achieved:

In 2018/19, the Small Grants Scheme ran under two main themes - Policy Challenges and Expert Engagement.