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Michael Fell

Michael Fell

Michael Fell is a research associate in buildings (with focus on domestic energy and behaviour) at the RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology based at the UCL Energy Institute. His current research interests lie in the study of social aspects of energy demand flexibility and the use of systematic review methods in energy demand research. His previous work has explored consumer demand for domestic demand-side response product offerings such as ‘time of use’ electricity tariffs. Other research interests include energy feedback and energy education.

Michael has also supported a range of policy and industry engagement activities, including:

  • managing departmental Government consultation responses and select committee evidence submissions, and personally contributing to consultation responses.
  • developing a database of key findings and policy implications of research conducted at the UCL Energy Institute to facilitate policy engagement.
  • organizing a series of departmental policy seminars including invited speakers from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ofgem and GO-Science.
  • authoring a series of policy briefings based on UCL research papers.
  • producing a report and recommended strategy on departmental engagement with Parliament.
  • being an invited participant at workshops to develop BEIS flexibility call for evidence, and other expert workshops.
  • collaborating with Smart Energy GB to launch research report with roundtable in Parliament; also presented this work to BEIS, Ofgem and to industry.
  • undertaking a POST/EPSRC Fellowship in the House of Commons Library, briefing MPs on subjects in science and the environment.