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Dr Zeynep Engin

Dr Zeynep Engin

Dr Zeynep Engin is a Senior Research Associate at the Urban Dynamics Laboratory of UCL, focusing on the development of a national technology platform for the urban analytics research and its user communities. She has a first degree in Mathematics and PhD in statistical pattern detection on visual data, followed by over five years of executive experience in the non-profit sector. Zeynep is also a Policy Fellow at the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP), University of Cambridge. 

Zeynep’s research interests span a range of topics at the interface of data science and public policy. She is primarily interested in digital infrastructure and methodology development to collect and analyse policy relevant data from heterogeneous sources (open, commercial, proprietary and personal data) in order to provide better evidence base to policy makers and planners. As part of this work, Zeynep engages with a number of local and regional authorities, parliamentarians and central government departments, and other key organisations active in the field such as the Open Data Institute and Future Cities Catapult. 

Zeynep has also established the annual Data for Policy conferences in 2015, which has proven to be a key international forum around the theory and applications of data science for governments and policy research. The conference series is supported by a large number of stakeholders including top academic institutions across the world (UCL, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, LSE, Leiden, NYU), government bodies (GO-Science, European Commission, Office for National Statistics), not-for-profit organisations (Royal Statistical Society, ScienceWise), and commercial stakeholders (Technopolis Group).