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Dr Clemence Cavoli

Dr Clemence Cavoli

Dr Clemence Cavoli is a Research Associate at the Centre for Transport Studies, part of the Civil, Environmental, Geomatic Engineering Department of UCL. She researches and teaches environmental and transport policy-making and planning, in particular at the urban level. Her work is highly interdisciplinary and aims to transform governance processes across levels (supranational, national and sub-national) and sectors.

Influencing policy is central to her engagement as an academic. Whilst she was undertaking her PhD at UCL in 2012 she was selected and funded by the European Commission to spend six months working for their Directorate General for mobility. It was an opportunity for her to import her PhD’s research findings directly to the Commission’s policies.

Her dedication to ‘transforming’ academic findings into policy and practice led her to manage an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award project in 2013. The project aimed to promote the convergence of academia and policy-making to ensure that significant transport related research outputs are rapidly absorbed into policy and have practical impact. Over the course of this project Dr. Cavoli designed and organized over 10 high impact seminars and conferences involving more than 300 stakeholders and academics. Following those workshops briefing notes were produced and sent to several hundred of the key policy-makers and practitioners across sectors and levels of governance. 

Following this experience, Dr. Cavoli was funded by the UK Department for Transport to spend a year as a secondee to the Science and Research Unit. There she acted as the research manager for the Scientific Advisory Council with a view to bring evidence to policy-making. She supported the government’s Science and Research policies, in particular related to engagement with external stakeholders and academia. 

In addition to having led numerous policy engagement initiatives Clemence has been invited to present the results of her research to numerous institutions including the city of Cape Town, the city of Maputo, the European Commission and mayoral representatives of the CIVITAS political committee.