UCL Public Policy


Small grants awarded in 2018/19

The Small Grants Scheme 2018/19 ran under two main themes under 'Policy Challenges' and 'Expert Engagement'.

The Small Grants Scheme 2018/19 ran under two main themes:

Policy Challenges - addressing real challenges set by our partners in Local and National Government, including Trade, Justice and Community.

Expert Engagement - exploring the role of academic expertise in public discourse and engagement around policy questions.

Each offered awards of up to £4,000 per project 

Policy Challenges

  • Ben Campkin/Laura Marshall – "LGBTQ+ Spaces and Communities in Camden"Award value: £3,596
  • Georgia Pitts/Gemma Moore – "The Evaluation Exchange: Exploring the potential of a university-community partnership approach to evaluation in Camden", Award value: £4,000

Expert Engagement 

  • Dr Leonie Tanzer – "“Gender and IoT” Policy Dissemination Strategy: Raising Awareness on Internet of Things-Facilitated Tech Abuse within Policy Communities", Award value: £3,498.50
  • Saskia Sanderson – "Informing policy on secondary findings form genome sequencing in clinical practice: learning from the 100,000 Genomes project", Award value: £4,000