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December 2019
October 2019: October Update: funding, events and news from UCL Public Policy
June 2019: Funding, events and news including New major report on 'A Mission Oriented UK Industrial Strategy'


December 2018: Funding & opportunities for policy-based research: get involved and get your research out there
October 2018: UCL Public Policy News, Events and Opportunities 
July 2018: Policy placements with the DfT and BEIS; get your research into Parliament; funding available
May 2018: UCL researchers: keep in touch and get your research into Parliament
April 2018: Exciting events and new research on preconception health, the future of the sea, Brexit and AI


April 2017: Many opportunities to get your research to policymakers including NERC innovation placements, British Academy research tender, New DEFRA research interests and the Data for Policy conference
March 2017: Apply for the Royal Society's pairing scheme, events at UCL, current parliamentary enquiries: submit your research and shine a spotlight on your work
March 2017 (external only): New Brexit Hub for UCL analysis, Children's Policy Research Unit produces policy case studies, UCL expertise in the media on reforming the House of Lords and much more
January 2017( external only): New Public Policy podcast series, recent submissions to Parliamentary enquiries and the latest research and thinking on Brexit


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