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Research Insights

Follow the latest UCL research, captured in easily digestible summaries

UCL Public Policy regularly publishes short, accessible summaries of UCL research on topical public policy issues. Our Research Insights synthesise UCL’s world leading research on a range of policy-related topics from health and education to how we interact with the environment around us.

Britain and Europe

Research on the changing relationship with Europe and the EU

Economy and Industrial Strategy

The latest research on the economy, productivity and growth


From dementia to obesity, research addressing the health challenges we face

Data and Digital

The role of data in our lives, from how it’s used to who owns it, and our digital future

Cities and Urban Environments

Challenges and opportunities for the future of the urbanised world


How the way we live is affecting our transport infrastructure

Environment and Climate Change

Analysis from UCL’s extensive research community on a range of environmental issues


The latest thinking on teaching and learning, including from the world renowned UCL Institute of Education

People and Society

The social challenges we face today and in the future, and how society is changing to meet them