UCL Public Policy


For policy professionals

UCL Public Policy can put policy professionals in touch with the experts in their field. UCL has researchers working on contemporary problems and suggesting real-world solutions in every academic discipline, including health, transport, law, infrastructure, education, environment, economics. More

Please contact the UCL Public Policy team if you would like help identifying relevant expertise, or would like to discuss how we might support engagement (for example through convening roundtable meetings or hosting seminars).

Policy expertise

As a research-intensive multifaculty university, UCL has a wide range of expertise that is relevant to public policy. More

Policy commisions

UCL Policy Commissions bring together researchers from across a number of disciplines to consider pressing public policy challenges and explore options for their solution. More

UCL Research Insights
As part of the UCL Public Policy Strategy, we publish working papers and briefings on topical public policy issues.
Research and policy podcasts
UCL Public Policy has launched a podcast series, Thinking about Research and Policy, in which UCL scientists discuss the relevance of their work to public policy and their engagement with policymakers.
Learning and training opportunities
UCL offers several opportunities to study in the field of Public Policy, from professional development courses to PhD level.
Examples of UCL research influencing public policy
There are many examples of UCL research influencing policy at the highest level, both at home and abroad. Read more about UCL academics’ groundbreaking research and the journey they took to see it change public policy.
Policy commentaries
Here you can read analysis from UCL academics on timely public policy issues, such as Europe and the EU, multiculturalism in the UK, and green transport.