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Policy Dialogues Funding

UCL Public Policy is offering funding for EPSRC projects to organise and deliver 'Policy Dialogues': knowledge transfer activities and events designed to foster engagement between research and policy. 

A Policy Dialogue can be a meeting/series of meetings to allow for academics, policy makers, and policy practitioners to come together to discuss current priorities and proposals for future work. These activities are meant to be multidisciplinary, wider than the UCL community, and are not just meant for knowledge transfer but to build communities to share best practice, and built on a current policy need and support by a policy partner.

The application process is straightforward, quick and applications are assessed on a rolling basis, but the funding will have to be spent by March 2022. Lead applicants have to be associated with an EPSRC project. 

  • Applicants from all UCL academics will be considered (PIs must have a UCL employment contract in place at point of application that covers the full duration of the project. Note that postdoctoral researchers may be named as PI if they meet this criterion and have approval from their line manager and Head of Department)
  • All subject disciplines with a link to the current EPSRC portfolio (at least one of the PI or Co-I(s) must have links to the underpinning EPSRC research grant. This person must either be a named investigator on the Gateways to Research page or have approval from a named investigator to link the grant to the project)

For detailed guidance on EPSRC IAA funding criteria, please see section A on eligibility in  PDF icon UCL I&E documentation.

For an informal discussion please contact Dr Olivia Stevenson, Deputy Director of UCL Public Policy.

Funding available: up to £5,000

Funding call: Open call with a rolling deadline.

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