UCL Public Policy


Policy Commissions

UCL Policy Commissions bring together researchers from across a number of disciplines to consider pressing public policy challenges and explore options for their solution.

Through discussion, research, analysis and stakeholder engagement, the Commissions work to deliver a synthesis of a particular policy problem and to make policy recommendations to address it. UCL policy commissions include:

UCL Commission for Mission Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOIIS)

The purpose of the new UCL Commission on Mission-Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy is to solve grand challenges in innovation and industrial strategy with a mission-oriented framework. The Commission for Mission Oriented Innovation and Industrial Strategy (MOIIS) is co-chaired by Professor Mariana Mazzucato and Lord David Willetts.

UCL Policy Commission on Communicating Climate Science

The UCL Policy Commission on Communicating Climate Science (CCSPC) II, chaired by Professor Chris Rapley (UCL Earth Sciences), comprised a cross-disciplinary project group of researchers from psychology, neuroscience, science and technology studies, earth sciences and energy research. The Commission examined the challenges faced in communicating climate science effectively to policymakers and the public, and the role of climate scientists in communication.

Green Innovation Policy Commission

The UCL Green Innovation Policy Commission (GIPC) is chaired by John Cridland with research direction from Professor Paul Ekins (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources). Following the Green Economy Policy Commission in 2015, GIPC is assessing how green innovation can contribute to strengthening the structure and development of the UK economy. Commissioners come from organisations as broad as UPS, Northumbrian Water, Fujitsu, WWF, John Lewis, Arup and Veolia, with policy and research input from UCL.

Governance of Climate Change Technologies 

This cross-disciplinary project explored the space for public participation during the consenting process for wind energy and CCS projects.

Green Economy Policy Commission (completed)

The UCL Green Economy Policy Commission, led by Professor Paul Ekins (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources), brought together a diverse group of academics with expertise in economics, the built environment, engineering, political science, innovation and resource efficiency to consider how the UK might implement policies that will support a ‘green economy’ – that is, an economy which is low-carbon, resource-efficient, and supports a healthy, diverse environment and a high quality of life.