UCL Public Policy


Rapid Response Policy Advisory Scheme

Lack of time coupled with competing demands is an identified barrier to academic-policy engagement. To address this bottleneck UCL Public Policy has established a Rapid Response Policy Advisory Scheme. The scheme awards expert engagement grants to enable the development/delivery of urgent short-term policy work in response to policy demand. In the first instance the scheme is open to engineering and physical science researchers to build upon previous EPSRC projects. Researchers are responsible for identifying urgent policy demand and completing the application form.

Funding Available: up to £5,000

Funding Call: Open call with a rolling deadline

What’s the funding for?:

  • Convening internal or external interdisciplinary meetings, preparing expert comment or policy briefings on emerging policy issues at short notice.
  • Small amounts of expenses to enable meetings with policymakers, attend or organise roundtable meetings, networking etc.
  • Any opportunity to engage with policymakers quickly where the ability to do so would otherwise be limited.

Am I Eligible to Apply?: You are eligible to apply for a Rapid Response Advisory Grant if you meet all the following criteria:

  • Applicants from all UCL academics will be considered
  • All subject disciplines with a link to the current EPSRC portfolio
  • Identified a clear and urgent policy demand that requires a rapid response

For an informal discussion please contact Dr Olivia Stevenson, Head of UCL Public Policy, or Carina Schneider, Public Policy Engagement Facilitator for BEAMS.  

Assessment: The Public Policy team will assess the application and come back to applicants within a week of submission (minimum time period), we may ask the applicant to join this discussion and seek input from the relevant academic staff. Decisions will be made on consideration of one or more of the following:

  • Meeting the above criteria/eligibility
  • The potential for meeting urgent policy demand and generating policy related impact
  • The possibility to raise the profile of and/or levels of engagement with UCL’s public policy relevant research
  • The potential for developing new partnerships and/or deepening collaborative relationships with policymakers

Delivery: As this is a new funding approach we may make changes to how it is delivered and administered as we understand more about the internal demand and what works.

Application form