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UCL Public Policy and many UCL departments organise events relevant to public policy.

UCL Public Policy events

'Britain’s Place in the World' - CaSE Annual Lecture with Hilary Benn MP

The UK’s research and innovation endeavour stands to be considerably affected by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Not only is science the second largest recipient of EU funds to the UK after agriculture, but it benefits from the structures for collaboration, regulation, shared facilities and expertise that have been built by the European Union over many years.

Starts: Nov 23, 2017 7:00:00 PM

Panel discussion: Does the UK do too much research?

UK research and innovation will receive an extra £2bn annual public funding by 2020, and the Government has made a commitment to increase total R&D investment in the UK to 3% of GDP, with 2.4% milestone in 2027. Meanwhile, the establishment of UKRI represents a shift in the structure of the research funding landscape. Successful delivery will require major increases in business investment alongside higher levels of public spending. This raises important questions:

Starts: Dec 13, 2017 6:00:00 PM

Departmental events

Many UCL departments organise events relevant to public policy:

20 November, 2017Organising a snap election: at the centre, on the ground, and in Parliament
21 November, 2017Encore! Who likes working in open-plan?
21 November, 2017EU citizens in the UK: political participation in light of Brexit
22 November, 2017Sowing Sustainability: film launch and Q&A
23 November, 2017Opposites Attract – Facsimile cities: should architects now be making video game worlds?
28 November, 2017To Infinity and Beyond! Life in our solar system: redefining the habitable zone
29 November, 2017Mental Health Question Time: how can research evidence have greater impact on mental health policy?
30 November, 2017#trending – Language brokers, not stock brokers: young people as traders of culture
30 November, 2017NCDs in Africa: Sugar disease, bitter medicine - diabetes in urban Ghana
5 December, 2017Discipline and Punish: The Management of Criminals in Medieval Iceland.
5 December, 2017Taboo – Lesbians as a metaphorical threat to the heteronormative national order? History of sexualities, politics and cinema under communism in Eastern Europe
6 December, 2017Routes to Opportunity - Addressing the non-university skills gap
7 December, 2017Muslim responses to westernization: Retreat from the secular path
8 December, 2017Muslim responses to Westernization: Living in non-Islamic Societies
13 December, 2017Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit: what kind of Brexit do people want?
13 December, 2017JBS Haldane Lecture - Dr Heather Douglas: Can the Public Trust Experts?
11 January, 2018What is a university education and where is it going?