UCL Public Policy


SLMS Public Policy Masterclass Series: Part 3- Pathways to Engagement

16 September 2020–30 September 2020, 9:30 am–12:30 pm


Hands-on learning to navigate the different routes to engage with decision-making, and understand how your research can impact policy.

This event is free.

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Audrey Tan

About this Event

Attendees should have already attended the Part 1: Public 101 course or viewed the recording online and be available to participate in both sessions. We will also be giving participants take-away work to do in your own time between sessions and will provide legacy resources to continue learning after the training! Spaces are limited so we are prioritising spaces for people from SLMS, if you are not in SLMS, please register your interest to attend should a space be available.

The Alliance for Useful Evidence (A4UE) will be delivering two half-day webinars for early career researchers in UCL’s School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS) to explore themes around impact, research translation, and policy engagement. The sessions, which will build upon the Part 1: Public Policy 101 courses, will focus on how researchers can achieve impact through their work by engaging with different elements of UK Policy, Government and Decision-making Bodies. Participants will be able to take away skills and resources that will help them to translate their research into broader contexts and engage with policy actors, networks and organisations. Our goal is for attendees to leave the sessions feeling well-versed in the varying pathways to engagement, and motivated to share their own work and expertise with different actors across the evidence ecosystem.

About A4UE

The Alliance for Useful Evidence (A4UE), a research hub based at Nesta, aims to strengthen the use of research evidence in social policy and practice, through research, advocacy, and training. Since 2015, A4UE has delivered 120+ Evidence Masterclasses to over 1800 civil servants, in addition to providing training to over 55 partner organisations, such as the UK Cabinet Office, Welsh Government, Parliament, and UCL.