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UCL Public Policy and many UCL departments organise events relevant to public policy.

UCL Public Policy events

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Departmental events

Many UCL departments organise events relevant to public policy:

24 October, 2017Encore! Non-human personhood? Demanding legal rights for our next of kin
26 October, 2017Black in Engineering - Redressing the balance of ethnic minority students in industry
26 October, 2017Taboo - Speaking my mind or being myself? How should European law treat religious expression at work?
27 October, 2017Challenges of Translating Research into Policy
30 October, 2017New prospects, hard choices: UK trade policy and Brexit
2 November, 2017#trending - Is Euroscepticism unethical?
2 November, 2017Nature-Smart Cities: UCL a home for bats
2 November, 2017The Prohibition of Torture: Still a Valid Concern for UK Policy and Practice? - A Panel Discussion
6 November, 2017UCL-TB international guest lecture with Dr Gerald Friedland
16 November, 2017Taboo - The death of others: suicide in the German Democratic Republic (GDR)
21 November, 2017Encore! Who likes working in open-plan?
21 November, 2017EU citizens in the UK: political participation in light of Brexit
23 November, 2017Opposites Attract – Facsimile cities: should architects now be making video game worlds?
28 November, 2017To Infinity and Beyond! Life in our solar system: redefining the habitable zone
30 November, 2017#trending – Language brokers, not stock brokers: young people as traders of culture
30 November, 2017NCDs in Africa: Sugar disease, bitter medicine - diabetes in urban Ghana
5 December, 2017Taboo – Lesbians as a metaphorical threat to the heteronormative national order? History of sexualities, politics and cinema under communism in Eastern Europe