UCL Public Policy


Is the Alternative Vote worth voting for?

A UCL debate on the AV referendum

This event was held on 11 April 2011 at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre.

The UK faces its first referendum for over 30 years and has an unprecedented opportunity to change the voting system and reshape the future political landscape. The referendum also raises profound questions about electoral reform in the UK.

This debate will provide an opportunity to discuss the arguments underpinning electoral reform and the AV system and to hear speakers from both sides of the argument, as well as insights from an expert panel.

Have your say: questions from the audience will be a key feature of this event.

Speaking in favour of a Yes vote

  • Billy Bragg, singer and political campaigner
  • Katie Ghose, Chair, Yes to Fairer Votes

Speaking in favour of a No vote

  • Jane Kennedy, National Organiser, Labour No to AV
  • Charlotte Vere, National Organiser and Finance Director, No to AV

Expert Panel

  • Professor Justin Fisher, Magna Carta Institute, Brunel University
  • Peter Kellner, YouGov
  • Dr Alan Renwick, University of Reading
  • Professor Tony Wright, UCL Constitution Unit and Birkbeck Department of Politics

Chaired by Professor Robert Hazell, Director, UCL Constitution Unit

Presented by the UCL Constitution Unit and the British Politics and Public Life Centre at Birkbeck University. Sponsored by The Constitution Society.