UCL Public Policy



UCL is committed to using its expertise to address complex policy problems for positive social change. The UCL Public Policy Strategy sets out our university’s Vision for public policy engagement.

UCL Public Policy Strategy Principles 

The Principles underpinning UCL’s public policy activity are:

  • Enabling expert-to-expert contact between academics and policymakers
  • Engagement on topics that are of relevance to policymakers, while recognising the different contexts in which research and policymaking operate
  • Adopting a collaborative approach to public policy engagement
  • Remaining non-partisan and independent

Aims of the strategy 

  • Build on UCL’s capacity for public policy engagement to ensure that UCL researchers are supported to engage with public policy
  • Promote a coordinated approach to UCL’s wide range of public policy-focused activities
  • Integrate expertise and knowledge from across disciplines to inform public policy
  • Support the effective communication of research with public policy relevance to external stakeholders
  • Establish UCL as a hub for dialogue and debate on public policy and develop UCL’s reputation as a source of high-quality research that can inform policymaking

Priority activities 

  • Maintaining a strategic overview of policy-related activity across UCL
  • Supporting strategic public policy activities initiated by departments and faculties
  • Holding public events on contemporary policy issues
  • Running small grants and policy placement schemes for UCL researchers
  • Developing accessible research summaries for policymakers
  • Convening roundtable meetings on policy-relevant topics
  • Developing our strategic external networks and partnerships
  • Supporting researchers’ engagement with public policy

> Learn more about our priorities in the Looking Ahead section of our Highlights Report (2021-2024)

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