What is Public Engagement?

As public engagement is a developing field, there are several different definitions.

The Public Engagement Unit supports UCL staff and students involved in activities like:

We also use the definition of public engagement developed by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

''Public engagement describes the many ways in which higher education institutions and their staff and students can connect and share their work with the public. Done well, it generates mutual benefit, with all parties learning from each other through sharing knowledge, expertise and skills. In the process, it can build trust, understanding and collaboration, and increase the sector's relevance to, and impact on, civil society.''

And a definition of 'public' developed from that provided by HEFCE:

''The 'public' includes individuals and groups who do not currently have a formal relationship with an higher education institution (HEI) through teaching, research or knowledge transfer.''

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