Communication and Culture Awards

The UCL Communication and Culture Awards have been instituted to recognise the outstanding work done by UCL staff and research students in spreading awareness of the University, its work and its mission to audiences outside higher education. They recognise communication through print, broadcast and online media, participation in public events and festivals and collaboration with cultural organisations to communicate about UCL work. They cover activities such as television, radio, blogging, festivals, public events, arts projects and exhibitions (this list is not exhaustive and other similar activities will be considered).

Nominations for the 2015 UCL Communication and Culture Awards closed on April 9th 2015.

Nominations are made by a short form (please see bottom of page). Nominators are strongly recommended to read the guidance notes, and are welcome to contact the Public Engagement Unit at, or Communications and Marketing Office at with any questions. Nominators can be UCL staff or students.

An award is available in each of these six categories:


  • UCL Online Communicator of the Year – an award for researchers using blogs, social media, podcasts, YouTube and other online media.
  • UCL Broadcaster of the Year – an award for researchers who act as on-screen talent or work behind-the-scenes contributing to broadcasts and documentaries on radio, television or film.
  • UCL News Story of the Year – an award for researchers who go the extra mile to make sure that their findings become news, including working with press officers, journalists and the media.
  • UCL Events and Festivals Communicator of the Year – an award for an individual who uses public events, festivals and outreach opportunities to communicate their work and UCL’s unique mission to people outside academia (possibly including work in schools).


  • UCL Cultural Project of the year – an award for a team working with a cultural organisation to communicate UCL’s work. This might be working with museums, theatre companies, opera houses, arts organisations or any other form of cultural collaboration that results in production for the public.
  • UCL Public Event of the year – an award for a public event organised by UCL researchers that has attracted people from outside academia and engaged with them about UCL’s research.


Staff employed by UCL are eligible for these awards. Postgraduate research students may also be nominated. Honorary, emeritus and visiting staff, and individuals not currently working for UCL (including contractors) are not eligible. Staff on fixed-term employment contracts, such as postgraduate researchers, are eligible for these awards. If you’re uncertain of the eligibility of an individual, or into which award category they should be entered, please do get in touch with us at

Staff of the UCL Department of Public & Cultural Engagement, Communications and Marketing Office and Development and Alumni Relations Office are not eligible for these awards. Staff in other departments whose primary job purpose is communications or cultural partnerships are not eligible for personal awards, but may be part of teams nominated for UCL Cultural Project of the Year or UCL Public Event of the Year.

If you have any questions about the awards, please contact the Public Engagement Unit at or the Comms team on

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