Provost's Awards for Public Engagement

The Provost's Awards for Public Engagement recognise the fantastic work that UCL's staff and students are doing to open up what happens at UCL, creating two-way conversations with the public.

Nominations for the 2014-15 Provost's Awards for Public Engagement have now closed. The deadline for nominations was Friday 12th December.

Four prizes of £1000 are available in the categories of postgraduate research student, professional services staff, academic/research grade 6/7 and academic/research grade 8+.
You can find out more about winners of the Public Engagement Awards in previous years:

Who, and what kind of work, is eligible?

UCL staff and students are eligible for the prizes. Honorary staff, and individuals not currently working for or studying at UCL, are not eligible. Staff of UCL Public and Cultural Engagement are not considered for these awards. If you’re uncertain of the eligibility of an individual, or which prize category they should be entered for, please do get in touch.

Other methods of recognition exist within UCL for working with prospective students, community volunteering, and promoting higher education in general. Work with schools, or work that is intended to recruit students to UCL or higher education more generally is covered by these other awards.

Public engagement for the purposes of these public engagement awards is characterised by being based in UCL research, teaching, or learning.

If you have any questions about the awards, please contact the Public Engagement Unit at

Nominations are made by a short form. Nominators are strongly recommended to read the guidance, and are welcome to contact the Public Engagement Unit with any questions.

Download the guidance for nominators (PDF)

Download the nomination from (MS Word)

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