Beacon Bursary Case Studies

In April 2010, we published several Beacon Bursary project reports:

  • 14 completed projects
  • 9,058 people have attended project activities
  • 64 partners were linked to the projects
  • £18,994 funding spent
  • £452,097 of additional funding linked to the projects
  • 10 different types of public engagement techniques used

Project learning and evaluation reports, completed post-project by the project lead, document the key achievements and challenges of the Beacon Bursary projects.


UCL Just Space - Evaluation Report (PDF)

A group of 15 post-graduate students and staff from the Bartlett school met and worked together with representatives of 15 community sector organisations in the preparation of comments and objections to the Mayor's Draft Replacement London Plan throughout the consultation period October 2009 - January 2010. The group has followed by supporting the organisations through the Examination in Public at City Hall in the summer of 2010, assisted by a second UCL Beacon Bursary. The UCL team has extended to include people from Geography and the Bartlett's Developmental Planning Unit (DPU).

The UCL collaboration is documented in a web site which also forms a tool of the project and the submissions by the various civil society organisations are gathered at

Bloomsbury Day - Evaluation Report (PDF)

A day event of talks, papers, question and answer sessions and reception run by the English Department celebration and showcasing of the Leverhulme-funded nineteenth-century Bloomsbury Project as it nears completion. The day was attended by over 300 people.

K-Day - Evaluation Report (PDF)

The project was an event focused upon the health impacts of the drug ketamine. The event was organised to engage both users and professionals in an innovative, relevant way, allowing the exchange of information and knowledge between these groups. The actual event was centred around activities, stalls and workshops run in a ‘village fete’ format. It was attended by 200 people.


Disposal? - Evaluation Report (PDF)

This project was an interactive exhibition designed to consult with UCL staff, students and the general public about what UCL Museums & Collections should keep and what they should 'dispose' of within their collections. The exhibition was attended by over 940 visitors.

Destination London: Writing Cities - Evaluation Report (PDF)

This project was a series of public events structured around the experiences and perceptions of east Europeans who have written about London. The events were intended to explore new approaches to seeing and writing about the city, whilst marking the completion of the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) funded East Looks West travel writing research project. 35 people attended the training; over 100 attended the other events.
Donating your body to medical science - Evaluation Report (PDF)

This project was an evening discussion on the subject of ‘donating your body to medical science’, with a panel of speakers and an audience made up of members of the public and those with a specialist interest. The event was held on Tuesday 20th April 2010 and attended by 35 people.

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