Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit



Reconsolidation and Memory Interference Toolkit (ReMIT): Identifying how to destabilise and overwrite maladaptive alcohol memories

Team: Dr Sunjeev Kamboj, Dr Ravi Das, Dr Leun Otten and Grace Gale

External collaborators:  Dr Merel Kindt (University of Amsterdam)

Reconsolidation is essentially a 'silent' process, the occurrence of which can currently only be inferred through the effects of drug- and behavioural-manipulations on memory. We will develop a 'tool kit' for use in humans to study reconsolidation in an attempt to identify neurophysiological signatures indicative of 'memory destabilisation.' This will speed up the process of developing effective reconsolidation-based treatments for addictions and related disorders.

This project is supported by the UK Medical Research Council 

Medical Research Council