Psychobiology Group

Directed by Professor Andrew Steptoe, the Psychobiology Group is concerned with the pathways through which sociodemographic and psychosocial factors influence physical disease processes. A major aim of the group is to understand how factors such as socioeconomic status, social isolation, work stress and hostility 'get under the skin', and influence biological functions in health and disease. A second theme is the investigation of lifestyle and patterns of health behaviour, and how health behaviour interacts with biological processes to affect disease risk.

The Psychobiology Group was established in 1999, and is multidisciplinary in nature. Members of the group have backgrounds in health psychology, psychophysiology, social psychology, sports science, cardiology, molecular biology, psychoneuroimmunology and nursing.

The group is currently funded by the British Heart Foundation, National Institute of Aging, the National Prevention Research Initiative, and the Economic and Social Research Council and the Medical Research Council.

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