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Martin Debbané

Martin Debbane

Martin Debbané is a Senior Lecturer at the Research Department of Clinical, Educational, and Health Psychology, University College London (UK). He is also Associate Professor and director of the Developmental Clinical Psychology Research Unit at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Geneva (Switzerland). 

His research activities focus on developmental psychopathology, examining the developmental roots of severe disorders in the psychosis or personality spectrum disorders. The scientific projects involve a number of different methodologies, including but not restricted to clinical measures and cognitive paradigms, as well as structural and functional neuroimaging.   He is involved in a number of longitudinal projects following youth cohorts with clinical risk (schizotypy, borderline or antisocial traits) or genetic risk (22q11.2 Deletion syndrome) for severe psychopathology.

He is a trained and licensed child and adolescent psychodynamic psychotherapist. He acts as associate and trainer in mentalization-based therapies at the Anna Freud Centre in London. He teaches and practices psychotherapy, from a contemporary psychodynamic perspective.

Dr. Martin Debbané is accepting PhD students in the next academic year (September 2015) in the following areas:

1) Longitudinal analyses of schizotypal, borderline and antisocial traits in adolescents followed over a three year period; applicants should be interested and/or have prior experience in structural neuroimaging and diffusion-tensor imaging.

2) Examining the factorial structure of mentalization in adolescents and adults, and its links to resilience outcomes.

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Martin Debbané
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