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Marco Chiesa

Marco Chinesa

Dr Marco Chiesa MD, FRCPsych was Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy at the Cassel Hospital, Richmond 1991-2015. He was Director of the outpatient Adult Personality Disorder Service, which he developed and expanded over the years. The unit provides assessment and community-based psychosocial treatment for personality-disordered (mostly borderline) patients who reside within the London area. He was also Director of the Research Unit at the Cassel Hospital where he carried out a number of research projects in the field of treatment outcome for personality disorder and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

He was a Visiting Consultant at the Cardinal Clinic in Windsor for three years and has been working in private practice in SW London for over 25 years. His main interest is the treatment and management of patients with personality disorder and patients with psychiatric syndromes with associated personality disorder.

After graduating in Medicine at Milan University Medical School, he specialised in General Psychiatry both at Milan University and in London within the Charing Cross Hospital postgraduate training scheme, becoming first a Member and then a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He specialised further in Family Therapy at the Milan Centre for Family Studies and qualified as Member and then Fellow of the London Institute of Psychoanalysis.

Recent Publications (since 2000)

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