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Identity, Mind and Body


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The task of integrating parts of the self to form a secure eventual identity represents a basic psychoanalytic value, as well as a therapeutic aim and a developmental task.

This Conference provides an opportunity to reconsider the fundamentals of identity, by examining our current clinical experiences. The Conference will also consider the complex continuities and discontinuities found to exist between thought and action, the mental and the somatic, the individual and the group, and how these are best understood in today's context, in which there are major cultural movements and highly relevant developments in other disciplines.

Main Speakers

Daniel Pick 
The Anxiety of Influence

Alessandra Lemma
The Black Mirror: Identity, Body, Technology

Ronald Britton 
The Location and the Identity of the Self 

Clinical Seminar Leaders

Robin Anderson, David Bell, Irma Brenman Pick, Donald Campbell, Gigliola Fornari Spoto, Chris Mawson, Edna O'Shaughnessy, David Taylor, and Mary Target 

Parallel Papers

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Parallel Paper Abstracts, Session One 

Parallel Paper Abstracts, Session Two 

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      You can view the conference programme here: Identity, Mind and Body Conference Programme