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Lockdown Dreams Film Launch: Animating the Unconscious

05 May 2022, 6:45 pm–8:15 pm

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A webinar marking the launch of three new animations that explore the significance of lockdown dreams

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Psychoanalysis Unit

Join the UCL Psychoanalysis Unit Lockdown Dreams team for a webinar celebrating the launch of our new animated film Uninvited Guests, in which psychoanalysts from the UK, Europe, the US and Canada discuss the significance of the vivid dreams that so many of us experienced during the pandemic.

The Lockdown Dreams team will describe the inception of the project and reflect on the dream data so far, and we will discuss the creative process with Connie Noble (illustrator/animator) & Leo Garbutt (sound).

We’ll reflect on the process of animating the unconscious in this film and our two previous shorts, and consider what we can learn from the dreams that people from all around the world shared with us during the extraordinary first year of the global pandemic. 

Watch our animations here

Uninvited Guests is now available to watch! Please access it using the link below.

Watch: Uninvited Guests

You can view our first two films at these links:

Watch: The Day’s Residues

Watch: Diaries of the Night

News of this project has been reported in The Independent - the article can be read here (£). These films were produced with the support of Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing.

Image courtesy of the animator, Connie Noble.