Psychoanalysis Unit



Students entering this programme come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some enter the programme after undertaking psychotherapy training to deepen their theoretical understanding. Others come to it with little knowledge of psychoanalysis, perhaps considering training in the future, or wanting to relate psychoanalytic ideas to theoretical study in related disciplines.

Over the last sixteen years the programme has accepted applicants who have previously worked or studied in the following areas: Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Philosophy, Psychiatry, English Literature, Fine Arts, Women's Studies, Economics, Politics, Social Science, History of Philosophy and Science, Anthropology, Theology, Film, Media and Cultural Studies, Law, Journalism, Investment Banking, Television and Radio Production, Publishing and Marketing.

Our applicants range in age from graduates coming straight from university, to more mature individuals who are maybe looking to either change career direction or enhance their current career by deepening their understanding of the subject. The programme attracts many International students and in the past students have come from India, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, America, Greece, Taiwan, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, as well as the UK.