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UCL Erasmus – Staff Mobility Training Week (Outgoing)

Erasmus funding offers the opportunity for academic and administrative staff to experience other European educational institutions. This enables us to gain knowledge of best practice from different cultures and environments in an increasingly international educational system. Erasmus funding can provide you with the chance to develop your own network of contacts from other European Universities as well as enhancing your own professional development, cultural, language, work experiences and personal development

For general information about the Erasmus - Staff Mobility Training Week. Please refer to the CALT webpage

Administrative staff who are interested in participating in this scheme can contact Cristina Gardini who would be able to offer you further information.

Some PaLS staff have already attended Erasmus weeks in 2010, 2011 in Holland, Hungary and Venice, Italy and found the experience invaluable.

In 2012, 9 PaLS staff were given funding and 7 attended the following SMT weeks:

UCL Erasmus SMT Week 2012
Carolyne Megan
Universite Catholique de Lille
July 2012
Lois Cheung

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Foro Italico University of Rome

April 2012

June 2013

Molly Bennett
University of Cyprus June 2012 & 2013
Cristina Gardini
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
May 2012
Anouchka Sterling
University of Bergen, Norway
May 2012
Angela Pozzuto
University of Helsinki
May 2012
Sarah Alleemudder
University of Helsinki May 2012

We are now looking to recruit PaLS staff for the next cohort in 2013. Further information on Erasmus can be found at the European Commission website.

If you want further information about the 2013 UCL Erasmus Mobility Training Scheme - Incoming, please go to the information page.