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Contents of UCLWPL 8 (1996)

Edited by Phillip Backley and John Harris
Neil Smith & Ianthi-Maria Tsimpli

Modules and quasi-modules: language and theory of mind in a polyglot savant

Semantics and Pragmatics
Richard Breheny

Pro-active focus

Robyn Carston

Enrichment and loosening: complementary processes in deriving the proposition expressed

Carmen Curc├│

The implicit expression of attitudes, mutual manifestness and verbal humour

Barrie Evans

Event variables and Davidson's program in semantics

Isao Higashimori & Deirdre Wilson Questions on Relevance
Eun-Ju Noh A relevance-theoretic account of metarepresentative uses in conditionals
Anna Papafragou On generics
Villy Rouchota Discourse connectives: what do they link?
Phillip Backley & Toyomi Takahashi

Activate alpha: harmony without spreading

Mercedes Cabrera-Abreu & John Maidment

Edge-licensing in chanting contours | Graphics)

John Harris

Phonological output is redundancy-free and fully interpretable

Phil Harrison

An experiment with tone

Krisztina Polgárdi

Constraint ranking, Government Licensing and the fate of final empty nuclei

Maya Arad A minimalist view of the syntax-lexical semantics interface
Annabel Cormack & Neil Smith Checking theory: features, functional heads, and checking-parameters
Richard Hudson The difficulty of (so-called) self-embedded structures
Hans van de Koot Strong features, pied-piping and the overt/covert distinction
Christian Kreps Dependency, licensing and the nature of grammatical relations
Fuyo Osawa Missing arguments in earlier English clause structures
And Rosta S-dependency
Yu-Yan Anne Teng Aspectuals in Cantonese: the case of Saai
Dimitra Irini Tzanidaki Configurationality and Greek clause structure