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Sam Green

Research Student


Principal Supervisor: Andrew Nevins

Subsidary Supervisor: Valerie Hazan


Research Interests

The development of phonology by children; the effect of child-directed speech on acquisition; frequency approaches to language acquisition; psycholinguistics; corpora collection and use. 


Green, S. J. (2011). Frequency effects and universal factors in children’s acquisition of word-initial consonant clusters in English and French. MRes Dissertation, University College London

Green, S. J. (2009). How best to model children’s early acquisition of word-onset consonant clusters? A comparison of formalist and input-frequentist approaches to phonological mastery. MA Dissertation, University of Edinburgh


Vaughan, I. & Green. S. J. (In prep.). Review of Neil Smith’s “Acquiring Phonology”. Mind and Language.

Ota, M. & Green, S. J. (To appear). Input frequency and lexical variability in phonological development: A survival analysis of word-initial cluster production. Journal of Child Language.


Green, S. J., & Ota, M. (2012). Lexical frequency and the development of phonological production. Invited presentation at the workshop “A psycholinguistic model for phonological development”, December 2012. Leiden, Netherlands.

Ota, M. & Green. S. J. (2011). New sound patterns are learned first in frequently heard words. Paper presented at the International Child Phonology Conference, June 2011. York, UK.

Grants & Awards

(2012) £2,377.50 Teaching Innovation Grant,  University College London, London. As part of a small interdisciplinary university-wide team to develop and implement the use of the peer-assisted learning package, PeerWise.

(2010) Economic and Social Research Council 1+3 studentship

Teaching Experience/Responsibilities

Teaching Assistant

LIN101: Language Acquisition. Spring 2012, 2013; QMUL

HCSCGS14: Phonetics and Phonology. Spring 2013; UCL

PLIN1101/PLING113: Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology A (Lab teaching). Autumn 2012; UCL

PLIN3104: Advanced Phonological Theory B (Child phonology). Spring 2012; UCL

PLIN1101/2: Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology A/B. Autumn 2011/Spring 2012; UCL


LIN101: Language Acquisition, Guest Lecture Acquisition of Phonology. Spring 2012, 2013; QMUL

PLING301: Development of Speech Perception and Production, Guest Lecture The role of input on phonological development in children. Autumn 2012; UCL

LIN400: Foundations of Linguistics, Guest Lecture Language Acquisition. Autumn 2012; QMUL