Work Package 2: Developing the intervention and training programme

We are consolidating our previous work including qualitative work and systematic reviews to develop a practice nurse-led package of care to reduce cardiovascular risk in people with severe mental illnesses (SMI) in primary care. 

i) Inequalities in CVD reduction in people with SMI

The extent to which inequalities exist in cardiovascular health and disease prevention between people with SMI and the general population will be explored as part of a PhD project. Electronic patient records from approximately 500 GP practices across the United Kingdom will be used to establish how patterns of cardiovascular disease and preventative care have changed over time in different patient groups.

ii) Focus Group Study

We have run 14 focus groups with 75 participants including service users, practice nurses, GPs, carers and community mental health teams. The focus groups explored effective strategies and potential barriers for practice nurses working in primary care to deliver cardiovascular disease risk management to patients with severe mental illnesses.

iii) Systematic Review

We have carried out a systematic review of the effectiveness of behavioural and pharmacological interventions to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in people with severe mental illnesses.