Expressions of interest

If you have a research idea and would like to discuss PhD options with a member of the Division, do feel free to contact any of us directly, having looked through the webpages describing individuals' research interests. You may want to ask them about future grant proposals on which there might be PhD opportunities.

If you're not sure who to approach, then the Division's PhD Administrator (Noorjaben Monowari). You should include: details of your research interests, with an outline of your research questions and hypotheses; and a curriculum vitae, including a full account of your education and relevant practical work/experience.

A prospective supervisor or a Graduate Tutor may then invite you to visit the department, to telephone and have further informal discussion, or to complete the UCL application form. At this stage it is essential for both potential supervisor and student to ascertain that a suitable subject area can be identified and that you are sufficiently interested, motivated and able to produce a doctoral thesis in three years. The interaction between student and supervisor can often be a crucial ingredient for the success of any research. 

MPhil to PhD

 Under UCL regulations, all PhD students at UCL are initially registered as MPhil students, and must go through the process of an upgrade from MPhil to PhD status.

  • For full-time research students, this happens between 9 and 18 months after initial registration, and for part-time students, this is between 15 and 30 months after starting.
  • We adhere to the standard UCL expectations for upgrade in the DoP. This involves submitting an upgrade report, presenting your work and future plans to the department and taking part in an upgrade viva.