The TACT Remote Hearing Intervention sub-study

The TACT Remote Hearing Intervention will test the feasibility of providing hearing aids and hearing aid support remotely.

Why are we doing this Remote Hearing Intervention sub-study?

Due to Covid-19, the TACT pilot trial face-to-face interventions (hearing and healthy ageing interventions) have been suspended. We have therefore adapted our hearing intervention to test the feasibility of delivering our trial remotely, as this is safer during this pandemic. Up to 12 TACT participants will receive pre-programmed hearing aids in the post and hearing aid support by telephone/email/post. 

What does the Remote Hearing Intervention involve?

TACT participants who consent to take part in this sub-study will receive hearing aids in the post, programmed by the trial audiologist using their previous hearing test results, as well as other useful equipment and instructions for use. Participants will be asked to wear their hearing aids for four weeks, and during this time they will be given advice on how to use, clean and charge their hearing aids and supported via telephone calls, text messages and email correspondence. At the end of the four weeks, we will carry out interviews with participants to discuss their experience of this remote sub-study.