Research that Matters

To conduct evidence-based investigations that have the potential to improve people's lives by promoting wellbeing, preventing disease and reducing suffering. 

Passion and Integrity

To enjoy what you do, and do what you enjoy.  We endeavour to conduct research with enthusiasm and true engagement, and to be impeccable in our behaviour through our work: maintaining high quality standards of design, administration and outputs; and through our interactions: welcoming people and their ideas with respect.

An Open Horizon

While it is important to have direction and clear perspective, it is also essential to hold one's opinions lightly to allow space for adaptation and growth. We engage in the free movement of ideas that make use of knowledge and innovations across disciplines. 

Supported Autonomy and Community

To maintain a cooperative spirit while being free to pursue our interests. We believe that providing and receiving support from a community can lead to better research, greater productivity and personal growth.