Translational Psychiatry

We are part of the Research Department of Mental Health Neuroscience within the Division of Psychiatry. 

We conduct cutting-edge cross-disciplinary mechanistic, translational and experimental research at the intersections of the neurosciences, psychology and psychiatry.

We use multimodal neuroimaging alongside pharmacological, cognitive, behavioural and computational techniques. We are particularly interested in understanding how exposure to environmental risk factors for mental illness alter brain and cognitive function to give rise to symptoms, and in how these underlying systems can be targeted so that we can develop new interventions.

Our current research priorities include:

  • Understanding how developmental psychological trauma causes psychotic symptoms
  • Investigating the therapeutic potential of neuropsychopharmacological systems including the endocannabinoid system.
  • Improving treatments for people experiencing psychosis
  • Improving treatments for people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We enjoy close multidisciplinary collaborations with colleagues here at UCL including the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit and Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, as well as other leading universities nationally and internationally, alongside our clinical colleagues in the National Health Service.

During the coronavirus pandemic we have been working with colleagues from the Trauma Special Interest Group in the Division of Psychiatry and through the COVID Trauma Response Working Group to coordinate trauma-informed responses to COVID-19.

We are pleased to host students and fellows undertaking research. We have rapidly established a track record of students presenting their findings at scientific meetings. Our alumni have been successful in taking up research positions in other leading laboratories, competitively funded PhD programmes and industry. We are currently accepting applications from potential PhD candidates.

If you would like to support our research financially then please donate via our support page.

Please direct all requests for scientific consulting to UCL Consultants. Please note that we are not able to respond to any clinical enquiries (including from patients and relatives of patients) through UCL. Please direct all clinical enquiries to the relevant clinical service.