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What is in a gene?

Can you help us to find out? We are calling on all people with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or alchohol dependence to help us to develop a better understanding of the genetics behind these disorders! 

Our research and others like it have already begun to pave the way for new treatments and preventative strategies. These may be more personalised and also associated with fewer or absent side effects. We strongly believe that learning more about the genetics will begin to make a practical difference for creating new treatments for people.

We are working with people all over the United Kingdom to spread the word about our research and to make it easier to get involved (have a look at our "DPIM network" tab on the left)

How to help: All you would have to do is a short interview about your experiences and have a blood sample taken - don't worry, our research team are fully trained, you will be in safe hands! Then our team of laboratory researchers will take over. In some cases, we may ask you for a saliva sample. 

Interview Pic With Michael and Jenny

Where? You can be interviewed by one of our local researchers or over the phone by Alex and her colleagues.

A BIG Thank You: to those who have already helped because the more people involved, the more powerful our results. With this in mind we are already collaborating with a number of other research centres in the UK and Worldwide!

At this stage, regrettably, we are concentrating on those of English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry. This is due to the methods used to search for genetic mutations if you would like to know more look at "Our Research" tab on the left.

We are very grateful for your continuing support.

Please click here for information on how we handle research data.