MARQUE Programme

Managing Agitation and Raising QUality of lifE (MARQUE Programme)

Programme Summary

Our aim was to increase knowledge about dementia, agitation or distress behaviours, and being an individual living with dementia – known as personhood and develop new ways of caring for people with these challenging problems

The programme consiseds of six work streams, working together to provide a greater understanding of agitation and dementia. MCPCRD led work streams 5 and 6.  In work stream 5, we enhanced, through an ethnographic study in hospitals and care homes, understanding of agitation in people with dementia who may be unwell some of whom were nearing the end of life. We used this data in work stream 6 to develop and test an intervention in a pilot trial in care homes. This was feasible and acceptable to staff and family carers and may improve staff knowledge and confidence in caring for people with severe dementia when they are agitated.

Selected Publications

For work stream 5 and 6: Agitation near the end of life with dementia: An ethnographic study of care


For a full list of publications form the MARQUE programme see: