Watch Me Play!

Watch Me Play!: an early intervention approach that is based on play

Watch Me Play! is a model of support for families with a young child (0 to 8 years-old). 

Watch Me Play! can help parents or carers to get to know their baby or child and enjoy being together.

Watch Me Play! involves the parent or caregiver sitting down to play with their child in a way that follows the child’s lead: allowing the child to choose the toys and what to do with them, while the adult sits and observes the child and comments on what the child is doing. 

Parents are supported by a Watch Me Play! practitioner on how to do this - for some parents it’s a slightly different way to play with their child compared to their usual play.

Watch Me Play! may help children with their play and communication skills and may also help with the relationship between a parent and a child. Watch Me Play! was developed initially for foster parents and carers but it could be helpful to any parent of any child.


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