6th June 2018


Community Navigator Study: Stakeholder Event

To mark the end of the Community Navigator Study we are planning an event to present our findings and discuss what next on 13th June. Anyone interested in mental health and loneliness research is welcomed to our end-of-study event. Please click on the event flyer below for further details:

Community Navigator - Stakeholder Event Flyer

13th November 2017


Community Navigator study: latest developments

We may not have blogged for a while, but we've been making a lot of progress on the Community Navigator study! Here are some of the highlights... [Read more]

7th March 2017


Pausing for thought: Community Navigator Study Working Group Meeting 7

This was our seventh working group meeting and the first since last summer. Our research team, experts by lived experience, and clinicians from Camden, Islington and Barnet all came together to review our progress so far... [Read more]


10th November 2016 


Reflections on Community Navigator Training: Getting Navigation Ready

The training for the Community Navigator programme took place throughout September 2016. The five day itinerary was thoughtful and comprehensive, and we gained insight into the rationale behind the research... [Read more]

15th July 2016 


Final development: Working Group Meeting 6

Our sixth meeting - the final one in the development phase of the study - began with one of our researchers, Johanna, giving an update on the recruitment of the community navigators... [Read more]

28th June 2016 


Decisions, decisions: Working Group Meeting 5

Like our fourth meeting, the fifth meeting was about coming together to find out people's views on key components of the support programme... [Read more]

14th June 2016 


Moving towards decision making: Working Group Meeting 4

Over the past few meetings we have had the opportunity to listen, to think and to ask questions... [Read more]

31st May 2016 


Thinking about community inclusion: Working Group Meeting 3

The third meeting started with reflections on our last meeting - with Wellbeing Enterprises central to the discussion... [Read more]

10th May 2016


Getting inspired: Working Group Meeting 2

We kicked off our second working group meeting by reflecting on the model that we began building in our first session. It was a useful reminder of... [Read more]

26th April 2016


Getting started: Working Group Meeting 1

On the 26th of April, a group of researchers from UCL and the McPin Foundation, people with lived experience of mental health problems and staff from the Complex Depression Anxiety and Trauma (CDAT) service at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and the Complex Care Team (CCT) at Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Mental health Trust... [Read more]


1st March 2016


Community Navigator Study: Mental health service users wanted to join our working group

Our new research study is looking for up to 5 people with personal experience of mental health problems to advise on developing and testing a programme of support for mental health service users which aims to increase people's community connections and reduce loneliness. Loneliness can affect... [Read more]