Dr Vaughan Bell

Dr Vaughan Bell


  • Associate Professor
    Division of Psychiatry
    Faculty of Brain Sciences

Joined UCL


My current research largely focuses on the cognitive neuropsychiatry of psychosis and social cognition. I'm particularly interested in the question of why psychosis typically involves the experience of illusory social agents (e.g. hallucinated people or other identities) and what this tells us about social cognition in all of us. This is currently funded by the Wellcome Trust.

I completed a PhD in cognitive neuropsychiatry before completing a DClinPsy in clinical psychology and I believe that psychological, neurological and social approaches are all essential in understanding humans and their difficulties.

I'm now a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist and I mainly worked in clinical posts in mental health and neurorehabilitation before returning to academia here at UCL which I combine with a clinical appointment at the Maudsley Hospital in South London.

I currently have the privilege of doing three things:

  • Teaching and supervising MSc students, PhD students and trainee clinical psychologists. In particular, I work on the MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences and MSc Mental Health Sciences Research where I'm a lecturer and deputy course director
  • Conducting research to better understand mental health problems and neurological difficulties here at UCL
  • Working clinically with people with psychosis, where I specialise in working with people who have cognitive and neurological difficulties alongside delusions and hallucinations